Gameplay, Ghent, Belgium

A short introduction over the balearic sounds of Gameplay. Enjoy, and support, their music.

Tell me a little bit about Gameplay, have you been around for long?

Gameplay is a moniker of my dj project fredo & thang.  It all started when we were asked to be resident in Ghents Culture Club five years ago. Coming from Ghent, and being closely related to our roots we have built a career and reputation in Belgium. For those who don't know, Ghent is the little town in Belgium that is home for djs and bands such as Soulwax, Das Pop, 2 Many Djs, Glimmers, to name a few. It is in this growing ground that we, Fredo & Thang started dj-ing years ago. There are striking similarities between these ghent based djs based. The the lack of genres and rephlex to look back to pop history and take inspiration of it, without being nostalgic all the time is one example. One could write books about the infuence of a city, band or club on the music scene. And for us, Fredo & Thang, the local network has played a big part. More important, or should I say interesting, is the red line that we share and cherish. Its this red line that’s has motivated us during years of dj-ing, and that lead us from hype to hype.

We are this kind of djs that you better not ask what genre we play or which music we like. Cause there will is no answer to this question. "Its just the game we play." In times like this, where every singel man can start dj-ing or making music, it is very important to differ yourself from others by having a personal vision on music. I believe that the dj has to be a a selector in the first place, a curator. Thats why we have started this label Gameplay. 

You have more releases coming up?

There is a new re-edit release coming soon. Its an ode to queen and its done by a producer friend of us, whom i have worked with before. But the idea of Gameplay is to have a platform for new music, for interesting artist. So it will not stay a bootleg label. 

Did Beirut get to hear the edit? Were they ok with you guys doing it?

i haven't been in contact with Beirut or there close entourage yet. Though i heard the edit has come to their ears, and they like it. 

Tell me a little bit about the Ghent music scene, any upcoming artists you think we should check out?

Some years ago, ghent was a big reference in dance music. With names like the Glimmers, 2many Djs, Eskimo Recordings, there was a very active scene for a little town like this. Nowadays the city nightlife is not so spectacular anymore. But there are some young talented djs or bands waiting to break through. Good thing about this situation is that its a close scene of friends. The top friend list of our Fredo & Thang myspace links you to some of these friends. The Subs, Foxylane, Pitch & Hold, Arsenal, Pop Dirty... 

Finally, five records you think we oughta hear?

Gary Wilson - Mary Had Brown Hair
International Pony - Mit Dir Sind Wir
Low Motion Disco - Keep it Low
Arsenal - Lotuk
Serge Gainsbourg - Histoire de Melody nelson

Beirut Disco and Henri Texier (out on Gamplay records)
Gameplay MySpace

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